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Cris Collinsworth Praises Eagles’ ‘Double-Cheek Push’ Play

Cris Collinsworth outdid himself Sunday night when the NBC broadcaster broke down a specific play between the Eagles and Packers. No, it wasn’t because of his sports acumen or football IQ. But he is probably the first person to ever describe a play like this on live TV.

“This is a double-cheek push here,” Collinsworth said. “Now, when he goes off that way, you sometimes only get a single cheek. But that’s what they do.”

Yes, Collinsworth was referring to butt cheeks when describing a quarterback sneak by Philadelphia’s Jalen Hurts. The play called for Hurts’s teammates to push him from behind, prompting the colorful language, and Collinsworth’s Sunday Night Football partner, Mike Tirico, couldn’t believe it.

“You didn’t do that, did you?” Tirico asked with a chuckle. 

Collinsworth made it sound as if Eagles personnel described the play with the same language during their production meeting, which makes it even better. 

“That’s the way they described it to me,” Collinsworth said. 

Philadelphia won the matchup, 40–33, and Hurts finished the game with 153 passing yards and 157 rushing yards.

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