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Patrick Mahomes Had Plays Tipped by Nagy Before Andy Reid Draft Meeting

Patrick Mahomes being drafted by the Chiefs was a match made in heaven. The gunslinging quarterback matched with potential future Hall of Famers like Andy Reid, Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill, resulting in an eventual Super Bowl win and ultimately a 10-year contract. And it all might not have happened if it weren’t for Chiefs assistant coach Matt Nagy.

During the 2017 pre-draft process, Mahomes told the story of how before he was scheduled to meet with Reid at the Chiefs facility for a visit, Nagy, who at the time was offensive coordinator, gave the young quarterback a cheat sheet. The kicker is that Mahomes said that Reid never knew—until now.

“He really liked me so he gave me the plays they were gonna go over the night before,” Mahomes said on the New Heights podcast. “Of course, I crushed the meeting. I stayed up all night studying those plays.”

Mahomes added that as the draft process went on, he got the feeling that he was going to get picked earlier than originally anticipated. So Mahomes convinced Kansas City that if they let him get past the No. 11 spot, he’d be gone. With the Chiefs holding the No. 27 pick, they traded up to No. 10 to take him, and the rest is history.