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Georgia OC Has Iconic Reaction to Bulldogs’ Wild First Touchdown

No. 1 Georgia’s first touchdown of the game in Saturday’s SEC Championship was as unorthodox as they come.

LSU kicker Damian Ramos lined up for a 32-yard field goal with 3:56 to play in the first quarter for an opportunity to give the No. 14 Tigers an early lead. Ramos’s kick was blocked and the ball settled down by the five-yard line. 

The whistle hadn’t been blown by the official, and the play was still alive despite LSU’s players dejectedly walking towards the sideline conceding the play.

Bulldogs safety Christopher Smith picked the ball up and ran it back 95 yards for the Bulldogs touchdown.

The play itself went viral on social media given how odd the entire sequence was, but the reaction of Georgia offensive coordinator Todd Monken up in the booth made it even better.

When the Bulldogs blocked the kick, Monken is seen yelling “Peter, Peter, Peter,” which is a universal special teams call in football to alert the players to get away from the ball and let it roll dead. 

When Monken realized the play wasn’t dead and saw Smith pick it up, he quickly started yelling, “Go, go, go…,” in a hilarious sequence as the Bulldogs grabbed the early lead.

Georgia went on to win the SEC Championship, 50–30, over LSU and surely secured the No. 1 ranking when the final College Football Playoff rankings are revealed on Sunday.

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