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Austin Reaves Impersonator Breaches Security at Lakers’ Arena

Popular TikToker Eric Decker, who goes by Airrack, successfully made it into secure areas of Arena before a recent playoff game by impersonating Lakers guard Austin Reaves.

Decker documented the whole experience, starting with how he made sure to wear an outfit Reaves has worn to the arena before. He even put in color contact lenses to look more like Reaves, and he wore a mask over his mouth as well.

The social media personality then was driven to the arena, passing security guards outside the venue and inside the building.

Decker noted that once he was past security, no one even looked twice at him. He eventually made it all the way to the court.

Decker hasn’t provided an update about whether or not he ultimately was caught. He made sure to note that he purchased a ticket to the game as well.

A similar situation occurred during last year’s playoffs, when a fan posing as Warriors star Klay Thompson made it all the way onto the court. He eventually was banned for life from the Chase Center.