Virtual NFL Draft Shows Glimpse Inside Homes of Players, Coaches, and GMs

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The 2020 NFL is the first ever-virtual draft and it’s giving us a glimpse inside players, coaches and GM’s homes and the interesting moments happening there.We’ve seen Joe Burrow’s colorful curtains and Roger Goodell's basement setup into an entire studio. Though some homes have stuck out to us more than others. 

SI Host, Kaitlin O’Toole breaks down the unforgettable scenes from tonight’s draft. We saw into Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer’s home and his massive fireplace with animal heads on display. Titans Head Coach, Mike Vrabel showcased his Titan pride with a massive banner and sons dressed up on each side. 

But, the nicest home we’ve seen so far has to go to Cowboys GM Jerry Jones. He had a perfect set up and a sleek white coach making us all wish we owned the Cowboys too. 

The draft isn’t usually about the setups at home; the most memorable moments during the NFL draft are the reactions. We saw some families cheering, hugging, crying and celebrating loved ones landing a spot in the NFL. Even though we love these magical moments, nothing tops CeeDee Lamb's reaction as he snatched his phone back from the woman next to him. CeeDee’s mom even had looks we could feel from home!

The 2020 NFL first round draft was a bit unusual but we made it through and it will definitely be one that we will all remember. The draft continues on April 24th at 7pm EST.