The 2014 fantasy football season is behind us, which means it's time to present the first top 100 ranking for 2015. Who gets the early top spot? After not playing this season, is Adrian Peterson ranked? What about Ray Rice? It's never too early to start preparing to dominate leagues this year.

By Michael Beller
January 06, 2015

You don’t think it’s too early for preliminary 2015 fantasy football rankings, do you? In case you forgot the big celebration last week, it’s already 2015. How could it possibly be too early? The next six months will pass quicker than you think. The sooner your start your preparation for the next fantasy football season, the better.

Revisiting 2014 season predictions | Top fantasy performances in 2014

Many of 2014’s standout players are at the top of the list, though some might be lower than you expect. Running backs rule the roost at the top, but there are just as many receivers among the first-round picks in a 12-team league as backs. The ranks include one incoming rookie, 13 quarterbacks and four tight ends scattered among all the backs and receivers.

Get your cheat sheets ready. Just be sure to write them in pencil for now.

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