Deebo Samuel Broken Foot, Out 3-4 Months: Fantasy Football Injury Impact

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After a productive rookie season, fantasy football players were chomping at the bit to draft Deebo Samuel in his second season in the NFL. But all fantasy managers need to bump the brakes on drafting Samuel after it was revealed the 49ers wide receiver broke his foot and will miss 3-4 months of action. According to NFL Network, Samuel suffered the injury during an unofficial practice session with his teammates in Nashville and will immediately undergo surgery.

During his rookie campaign, Samuel finished with 802 yards and three touchdowns off 57 catches. His pre-injury Average Draft Position pegged him as the 28th receiver coming off boards in PPR leagues. But now that he’ll likely miss at least the first month of the season, Samuel’s ADP will likely drop to after the 10th round. 

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Bill Enright: Breaking news out of San Francisco with wide receiver Deebo Samuel suffering a broken foot, and is now expected to miss the next three to four months of action. Let's break down how this impacts his fantasy football value and also the fantasy football value of the rest of the 49ers playmakers. Here with me, SI's fantasy football analyst Frank Taddeo. Frank, Deebo Samuel had a monster rookie season, high expectations for his second year, was being drafted as a top 30 wide receiver. Obviously, that will now change based on the injury news.

Frank Taddeo: Yeah, definitely, Bill, I mean, all fantasy owners are probably gonna be looking to get him at a discounted rate. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see him go in round five or maybe even later, if there's significant word that we learn that he's maybe going to miss more than six games as we get closer to drafts in August. For right now, though, Bill, this is a tremendous blow to Jimmy Garoppolo and the entire San Francisco 49ers offense. The last time we saw him on the field in the Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs, he was obviously one of the 49ers best offensive weapons not named George Kittle in the passing game. So this is a tremendous blow right now. And I'm not so sure that even Brandon Aiyuk, who they drafted a few months ago, is going to be able to step in and fill the role. And also, we already know what are they really going to see from other wide receivers on that depth chart? But it's going to be interesting to see right now, Bill. But this is a tremendous blow to the San Francisco 49ers offense.