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Environmental Protestors Enter Track at British Grand Prix

Environmental protesters jumped the fence and invaded the track during the first lap of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone Circuit on Sunday. 

There was a red flag at the start of the protest, and law enforcement immediately removed the protesters from the venue before they could interfere with the race.

In a statement, FIA and F1 confirmed the incident occurred.

“We can confirm that after the red flag, several people attempted to enter the track. These people were immediately removed and the matter is now being dealt with by the local authorities,” they said.

On Friday, local police warned that these protesters could enter the track, including a plea to the protesters to rethink their plan.

“Going onto a live racetrack is extremely dangerous—if you go ahead with this reckless plan you’re jeopardizing lives,” Northamptonshire Police said on Twitter.

It appears that the protesters are a part of the Just Stop Oil movement that is trying to get the British government to move away from oil and gas projects by interrupting public events.

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