Each of Scottie Scheffler's Charges From PGA Championship Incident, Explained

Scottie Scheffler received four charges for an incident on Friday morning as he attempted to get to the PGA Championship.
May 16, 2024; Louisville, Kentucky, USA; Scottie Scheffler takes off his hat while lining up a shot
May 16, 2024; Louisville, Kentucky, USA; Scottie Scheffler takes off his hat while lining up a shot / Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

Scottie Scheffler was arrested on his way to the PGA Championship on Friday morning ahead of the second round of the tournament. A pedestrian was killed in the early morning hours in an accident involving a shuttle bus. As a result, traffic was backed up for miles. Scheffler, who had a 10:08 a.m. tee time, apparently tried to drive around the traffic and police intervened.

ESPN's Jeff Darlington was there to catch Scheffler's arrest on video and report from the scene. Scheffler was taken back to the station, took a mug shot and was charged with multiple felonies in Kentucky before being released on his own recognizance, per reports. Here are the charges.

  • Second-degree assault of a police officer: Intentionally or wantonly cause serious physical injury to another person or cause physical injury to another person by means of a dead weapon a dangerous instrument. - KY.gov
  • Third-degree criminal mischief: Intentionally or wantonly defaces, destroy or damages property less $500 or tampers with property so as knowingly to endanger the person or property of another. - KY.gov
  • Reckless driving: Not operating a vehicle on the highway in a careful manner with regard for safety and convenience of pedestrians and other vehicles. - KY.gov
  • Disregarding traffic signals from an officer directing traffic: "No operator of a vehicle, after having received a visual or audible signal from an officer directing traffic shall knowingly or wantonly disregard the signal so as to interfere with or engager the operation of the traffic officer or other vehicles or pedestrians." - KY.gov

While felonies, none of these charges appear to be incredibly serious with fines in the hundreds of dollars.

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