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Infuse Your Round with Positive Thoughts that Improve Scores

Negativity can have severe consequences on your golf game. Strengthening your mental game requires self-awareness. Here's how to get your mind right so your game can follow.

When you aren’t playing as well as you’d like, it's easy to focus on things that cause frustration. You don’t have to be a club-thrower to have challenges with negative thinking. But a little negativity can take a toll on a big portion of your game.

Honestly, there’s no place for negativity on the course if you want to play well. Operating with the wrong mindset will prevent you from getting the results you want. Good rounds require a positive outlook on yourself and your ability to play.

Strengthening your mental game requires self-awareness before you can improve your self-management. In alignment with that approach, it’s important to understand the typical sources of your negative thoughts, how negative thoughts can hurt your round, and how you can begin thinking more positively to improve your performance.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to infuse your rounds with the kind of thoughts that improve scores, and to avoid those that can derail you.

Here's how this episode plays out...

· [6:39] Understanding the Source of Negative Thoughts - In order to combat your negativity, you've got to know where it's coming from.

· [10:05] 4 Kinds of Thoughts That Can Increase Poor Shots and Bad Holes - While there are lots of thoughts that can negatively impact your rounds, here are the 4 most common I come across in my work with golfers that you'll want to avoid.

· [16:31] 5 Kinds of Thoughts That Improve Scores - You can be more proactive to develop and play with thoughts that enhance your rounds and make it far easier to bounce back following a disappointing shot.

[16:55] 1. Grateful Thoughts


[17:28] 2. Scholarly Thoughts

[18:08] 3. Humorous Thoughts

[18:55] 4. Flexible Thoughts

[19:34] 5. Present-Centered Thoughts

· [22:32] Episode Summary - Here you will find a quick synopsis of this episode.

Practice better thoughts regularly, and detect any deviation in your thoughts quickly so that you can quickly get back on track.

To intentionally play with better thoughts, I encourage you to select one of five beneficial thought habits and to work on sticking with it during your rounds over the next 30 days.

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