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BROOKLINE, Mass. — "It was a business decision."

That is how Bryson DeChambeau described his move to LIV Golf after his practice round on Monday at the U.S. Open.

Pointed, succinct and honest, the 28-year-old ultimately decided to go against conventional wisdom and owns his decision, even though he said after missing the cut on Friday at the Memorial Tournament that he was not interested in making the leap at the time.

Things changed quickly after leaving Columbus.

“There was a lot of financials to it and a lot of time as well,” DeChambeau said of his reason to jump to LIV Golf. “So, I get to have a life outside of the game of golf as well.”

DeChambeau wants to live in a 50/50 world, a world where he is committed to golf 50% of the time and 50% to his life outside of golf, which includes his business interests and family.

The money which DeChambeau signed for was never disclosed, but in discussions with those that are aware of the total, the term "generational wealth" was confirmed.

And while DeChambeau wants to play a lot of golf, he said he wants it to be entertaining golf.

“We got to get through the first, say, grumblings and growing pains that are going on,” said DeChambeau, the No. 29 player in the world. “I think we’ll come up with a great way to provide more entertainment for golf fans.”

While DeChambeau never used the phrase "grow the game" as part of his decision to join the new tour, he did talk about "Global GDP" of the game.

It’s a phrase that DeChambeau used in describing how his move to LIV Golf could payoff in the future.

Using the economist's term Gross Domestic Product (GDP), DeChambeau is talking about adding value to the game by bringing more people into the game and ultimately expanding the value of the business golf by expanding sales of equipment, development of new courses and ranges and growing ancillary services to the game.

“I still want to play major championships, I want to win major championships, accumulate as many of those just like we’re here this week for the U.S. Open,” DeChambeau said. “I’m super excited to be able to play major championships in the future and give myself great chances to win prestigious golf events.”

DeChambeau is committed to the field at the Travelers Championship next week and then the second LIV event in Portland. (Just as some LIV Golf-signed players teed it up at the Memorial one week before the inaugural London event, it is believed DeChambeau could play the Travelers before hitting his first shot in a LIV event.)

After he tees it up June 30 in Portland, he may never tee it up in a PGA Tour event the rest of his career.

While he seems unwilling to discuss that fact, stating that it’s the PGA Tour's call and not his, DeChambeau wants to play events like the Memorial and Bay Hill, where he has won in the past.

“I think there is a lot of opportunity when we look forward,” DeChambeau said. “For me that’s what the future looks like and from my perspective, I think there’s a lot of good that will eventually come out of this.”