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PGA Tour players’ true motives become clear

Alex Miceli might have been out of bounds with his commentary about a reported lack of social distancing on the PGA Tour, but the players know who’s truly No. 1: themselves

Alex Miceli wrote, “... if the U.S. had displayed more urgency earlier this year as the number of coronavirus infections increased, we might be in a much different position today” (“2020 Colonial: PGA Tour players struggle with 6-footers,” June 11).

I thought comments and opinions in Morning Read were supposed to be golf-related and without political opinions. Even infectious-disease experts have differing opinions on COVID-19. Miceli should stick to what he knows best.

He talks about the failure of player/caddie social distancing and the risks associated with not following mitigation rules. We all know now that following rules and laws are largely ignored anyway; why should golf be any different?

But please, don’t talk about risks to players and caddies. They are independent contractors who, unlike police, firefighters, hospital workers, grocery- and liquor-store workers, have no obligation to go to work. If they think it’s unsafe, stay home. Pretty simple. The PGA Tour is giving them an option; the risks are theirs.


The players themselves no longer can justify their motives as being “for the fans.” There are no fans. We now know what their motive really is: greed.

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.

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