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Should Brooks Koepka Have Been Penalized for Cursing at Ryder Cup Officials?

'If I break my wrist, it’s on (expletive) both of you,' Koepka said after a ruling didn't go his way. Our writers debate what should have happened next.

Should Brooks Koepka have been hit with a penalty and loss of the hole after he cursed officials during his match? 

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Alex Miceli: When I was a kid bad language prompted my mother to wash my mouth out with soap. Of course these are grown men and the language was unnecessary.

Koepka had many options, the most obvious was to take a drop if he was that concerned about injuring himself. Of course that is the common-sense approach.

Under the rules in almost any sport Koepka would have been kicked out of the game. While it is the Ryder Cup and if he was expelled from that foursomes match, the USA would have lost the match.

He should have been disciplined by removing him from the match.

Stephanie Apstein: Koepka's behavior was embarrassing and childish but probably doesn't rise to the level of misconduct. It's also the Ryder Cup, when emotions are running high and everyone is comporting themselves a little bit outside of normal golf etiquette. I think the officials handled it correctly. And I think the minor reputational hit Koepka will likely suffer is the proper punishment.

Jeff Ritter: Have to admit I was entertained by that whole scene right up until the f-bomb at the end. I didn’t expect Koepka to be penalized in the moment, and only later did I even realize this rule existed. So, since the rule exists, wouldn’t Koepka’s conduct be the exact reason it was created in the first place? It would’ve been a big statement to slap a lost-hole penalty on Koepka in that moment, but I think he earned it.

Gary Van Sickle: You can get a penalty for saying a bad thing to an official? That's like a fan getting kicked off the course for saying "Brooksy!" to Bryson DeChambeau.

A golf match should be decided by the shots not by words. I don't recall that rule ever being enforced before and we can all read lips, we've seen things these guys have said. The Ryder Cup is not the place to hand out a penalty to an angry pottymouth. Tiger, what the f--- do you think?

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