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The US Ryder Cup Team Does Not Truly Represent the United States

Morning Read letters sound off on Ryder Cup teams, American fan behavior and the toughness of Skip Alexander.

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The American Team Doesn't Represent America

I'll watch most of the Ryder Cup and I'll enjoy the theatrical competition that goes with what basically is an all-star game between a team of players from the USA and a team of players from Europe; many of whom live full time in the USA. It has become the ultimate in made-for-TV golf.

What I cannot stand however is the constant reference to the US team "representing" the United States. This undiversified team of uber-wealthy, privileged narcissists represents only the uber-wealthy, privileged narcissists of our country, the 1%.

If our team really wants to represent the USA, maybe they should join the Army or Marines for two years, and carry an M-16 issued by the government at Kabul Airport instead of prototype drivers provided by their sponsors at Whistling Straits. That would show true patriotism, much more so than wearing clothes with red, white and blue colors for which they paid nothing.

Which brings me to another issue. If the PGA of America wants to promote our Ryder Cup Team as representing the USA, why hasn't Larry Nelson, a Vietnam veteran, ever been considered for captain? His three majors are more than Steve Stricker (0 majors). Davis Love (1) and Jim Furyk (1) combined.

So stop with the patriotic references. Call it what it is.

Charlie J.
Fairfax, VA 

The American Fans' Booing is 'Disgusting'

I find the booing by the American spectators against the Europeans to be absolutely disgusting.

It makes me feel somewhat ashamed to be an American and I find myself leaning for a victory for Europe.

Gary R.
Fayetteville, New York

Keep the Letters Coming

Blaine W. nailed it. Readers' input was always the best section!

William E.
St. Augustine

Skip Alexander's Generation Was the 'Toughest of all Time'

Really enjoyed your article on Skip Alexander and I will tell you why.

My dad was an avid golfer at that time, a 2 handicap and we lived in St. Petersburg. Well my dad's name was Howard as was my grandfather and me. You see where I am coming from. Needed a nickname so he named me Skip after Skip Alexander, didn’t know my real name until I was in first grade.

After reading about what he went through I continue to see why this generation is known as the toughest of all time. Thank you for the great article.

Skip M.
Sacramento, California