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Listen: 'Course of Life' Tackles Tiger Woods' Surprising Pace of Recovery

Hosts Alex Lauzon and Michael Russell wonder if we'll see Tiger and son Charlie together at the PNC Challenge, break down the hilarity of hitting from the wrong tees and welcome golf instructor Eric Cogorno.

Join Hosts Alex Lauzon and Michael Russell on 'Course of Life' to look at the huge developments in Tiger's recovery, the hilarity of hitting from the wrong tee, Collin Morikawa's collapse, and Victor Hovland's love of paradise.

More highlights from this week's episode:

  • On the DP World Tour, Alex couldn't believe how different the world is, where nobody was allowed to come out and watch the South African Open.


  • The unofficial tour moves on to Naples where the QBE Shootout includes team golf and big names.
  • In Tuned In, Michael has turned to playing golf on his gaming console, while Alex is all over the Christmas TV specials.
  • This week's guest is golf coach Eric Cogorno, who chats with Alex about the importance of keeping your thought process minimal on the course, and setting up targets for yourself on the range.
  • The College Football Playoff landscape is set, and there are some unfamiliar schools in the final four, but their chances are slim. Meanwhile, Brian Kelly has a horrible fake Southern accent, the Detroit Lions have finally won a game, the MLB is in a lockout, and alma mater Quinnipiac is almost #1.
  • And as we #AlwaysEndWithFood, Alex shares how much he is enjoying a family favorite, and Michael shares how he fried everything for Hanukkah.