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Geno Bonnalie, Caddie for Joel Dahmen, Joins the 'Under the Strap' Podcast

John Rathouz chats with Geno Bonnalie, caddie for PGA Tour winner Joel Dahmen and a truly excellent storyteller.

In this week’s ‘Under the Strap’ podcast, our John Rathouz sits down for a chat with the one and only Geno Bonnalie, caddie for PGA Tour winner Joel Dahmen.

Geno and Joel make up one of the tightest player/caddie pairs in golf, as their friendship dates back to when Joel was just 12 years old and the two were raking in money on the course against adults — a classic story Geno shares with us.

Among the other hilarious stories Geno shares? The time he bought a Saab that didn’t start at the Quicken Loans event for $22 only to get it started and sell it to a state trooper the following week for $200 at the Greenbrier. One about a trip to Kansas and telling his young son Hudson — who loved the Wizard of Oz — that he might see the Tin Man… and then sending a photo home to Hudson of Joel, dressed as the Tin Man. All that and so much more — like a foggy morning on the Korn Ferry Tour after a big night out.

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