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Tennessee high schoolers charged with assault, rape in hazing incident

Three Tennessee high school basketball players were charged with assault and rape after a hazing incident. 
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Three Tennesee high school basketball players have been charged with aggravated rape and assault after a hazing incident, reportsThe Chattanoogan.

The incident involved a 15-year-old freshman teammate, according to the report. The three players charged are being held in a juvenile facility in Gatlinburg, where the alleged assault took place. The three players, who attend Ooltewah High School outside Chattanooga, were participating in a basketball tournament.

The players have already been kicked off the team. A family member of the 15-year-old said he was “tortured” by the three teammates. 

The family member said, “He was not given a proper exam and collapsed the following day.  Once he collapsed, he was taken by ambulance to the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville.  He had to undergo emergency surgery, as his colon and bladder were ruptured.  He is still in the hospital recovering at this time.”

The family member said it was initially unclear as to how he sustained such injuries.  However, she said “it was later found that he was beaten and sodomized by fellow teammates.” She said they used a wooden pool stick to sodomize him.

The 15-year-old is expected to recover within two to three months, the family member says.