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Check out this new luxury golf cart from Mercedes-Benz

The cart will feature a fridge, leather seats and wood lining. It can travel 50 miles on a single charge.

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If you want to ride in style around the golf course, look no further than the new Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Cart. The luxury car company has created a high-tech golf cart with the help of its fans. After ideas were submitted for the “golf cart of the future,” Mercedes-Benz teamed up Garia, a golf cart designer, to make something that golfers have never seen.

This cart takes golfing to a whole new level with its luxury exterior and interior. The exterior is made of carbon fiber and it even has a carbon fiber air diffuser attached to the back. The interior of the cart is decked out in wood and high-quality leather.

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The cart is run on a Lithium-Ion battery so it lasts for 50 miles on a single charge. It also takes some tips from Mercedes-Benz with better handling and better suspension than other carts and turn signals and disc brakes just like their cars. The cart can also go up to 19 mph.

The cart also has a 10.1-inch tablet on the dash that displays information, including the vehicle’s controls in the cart. Drivers can see speed and power consumption on the tablet, while also being able to change driving mode between sport and eco, change AC, and adjust the wipers. The tablet can be used as a map and weather forecaster too. Other perks included in the cart is Hi-Fi Bluetooth speakers and a mini fridge.

In the future there are hopes of smartphone integration for the cart, so users will be able to run all their favorite apps while on the green.

The cart was unveiled last week at the Open Championship, and will be available for more viewing around the world in the coming weeks. There has been no mention of price, but the cart is sure to be for golfers with deep pockets, as it is a luxury item from Mercedes-Benz.