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Volata building the world’s first premium hi-tech bike

Volata's bicycle will include an integrated bluetooth computer and state-of-the-art anti-theft technology.

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Cycling tech companies are beginning to shift their focus towards the everyday cyclist. At the very forefront of this movement is Volata, a bicycle technology company that is developing a new bike engrained with technology.

The bike contains a 2.4-inch computer embedded into the handlebars, which is responsible for a number of intriguing features. An integrated GPS system not only helps track rides and plan routes, but it also provides users with extra peace of mind while they’re away from the bike. The GPS also serves as an anti-theft tool, monitoring the bike’s status and sending real-time location information to the user’s phone if the bike is stolen. The integrated computer can also track heart-rate, monitor performance and enable access to weather forecasts.

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Above all, and despite the array of features, Volata hopes to remove the complexity many associate with cycling technology. According to a statement, the company’s goal is to “create a new bicycle category: an all-in-one, complete and versatile solution, optimized for the performance and utility usage and suitable for any terrain.”

Co-founder and CEO Marco Salvioli goes one step further. “The bicycle is the most efficient means of human transport ever invented, and in a time when the transition to sustainable transport is a priority, its everyday usage is increasing all over the world,” he said in a statement. “The problem is, the bicycle industry didn’t evolve on the tech side, and did not improve the bicycle with native digital features whose goal is improving riding experience and safety.”

Ultimately, what could really diversify the Volata bike from others is how it never needs to be recharged. A front-hub dynamo constantly replenishes the internal battery. This system helps the bicycle stand out from other technologically enhanced bicycles and even further from gas-guzzling cars on the road.

The bike will become available in July 2017 and will retail for $3,499.