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NFL makes massive commitment to Snapchat this season

The NFL is the first sports organization to have its own Snapchat Discover platform.

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NFL fans will soon have a new way to experience the game, with backstage access to teams and players on Snapchat.

After announcing that the NFL and Snapchat were renewing their “strategic partnership,” the NFL became the first sports league to have its own Snapchat “Discover” platform. The content will include sports headlines and trending topics as well as content submitted by fans and inside-access videos. The multiyear deal includes Snapchat Live Stories created at every game, including the Super Bowl. An added bonus to the partnership is that all 32 NFL teams will have custom Geofilters, available when a fan is in close enough proximity of an NFL stadium or certain venues, to promote team pride.

Previously, Live Stories were featured at select games and events throughout the NFL season and they raked in about 70 million viewers, which is a lot considering the 199 million viewers the NFL had on TV. The new Live Stories offered during every game, and important events like the draft, will have a mix of fan submissions and behind-the-scenes content.

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With the success of the trial in the 2015 season, Snapchat and the NFL knew that continuing the partnership could mean great things for both sides. For Snapchat, this is an opportunity to gain more viewers and advertisders. For the NFL this could mean attracting a younger generation of fans. Additionally, Snapchat and the NFL will have ads in both the Live Stories and the Discover channel, and they will split the revenue from the ads.

Expect more sports organizations to follow the NFL into the Discover realm. Snapchat users have already seen Live Stories from select MLB games and big events like The Oscars and The ESPYs.