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Axon Sports, XOS Digital create cognitive training platform for athletes

XOS Digital and Axon Sports are combining their technologies and targeting college football and NFL markets for their cognitive training program.

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The mind is the driving force for all successful athletes, and it needs to be trained like any other muscle. Now, athletes can get an assist in their cognitive training.

This week XOS Digital, a coaching technology provider, and Axon Sports, a company specializing in cognitive training, launched a partnership. The power of the XOS Thunder Platform and Axon’s training applications will offer insight into the cognitive abilities and training of these athletes.

“We are excited to be working with Axon Sports,” Matt Bairos, CEO of XOSDigital, said in a statement. “We believe this integration offers a unique advantage to teams that are looking to improve the accuracy and speed of their players’ decision-making.”

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Axon Sports designs these programs and applications to train cognitive skills in sports. In order to better understand the player’s decisions, XOS Digital plays the role of the “instant replay” in the sense that the coaching platform will be able to provide video footage of the decisions made by the athlete.

Once the key training content is identified using the XOS Thunder Platform, it will be automatically integrated into Axon’s cognitive training system. The footage will also include Virtual Reality content. The targeted training sessions used by Axon Sports will include game situations that the player will be able to practice hundreds of times.

“This partnership will provide organizations an all-in-one Virtual Reality and cognitive training module,” Jason Sada, president of Axon Sports, said in a statement. “Together, we are dedicated to help programs get their athletes better prepared off the field.”

The new technology will target college football and NFL teams to start. This is also the next move in a string of strategic partnerships by Axon. Whether it’s a deal with entrepreneur Mark Cuban, a partnership with Football Focus, an entrance into the baseball training world, or pushing its own version of a sports oriented mobile application, Axon Sports has been active in the athlete cognitive training space.

The pillar of athlete training that will never cease to be true is that training the mind is just as important as training the body. Making the correct decisions quickly and efficiently is key in being a successful athlete both on and off the field.