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NFL, Microsoft upgrade their partnership for 2016 season

NFL fans can now purchase team covers for all 32 franchises for their Microsoft Surface Pros.

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With the 2016 NFL season just around the corner, Microsoft recently announced that it would provide the league with improved Surface Pro 4s, as well as giving fans the chance to buy NFL team Type Covers.

Microsoft and the NFL inked a five-year partnership in 2013, which included making the Microsoft Surface the “official tablet and PC operating system of the NFL.” Although the partnership has been highlighted by much publicized criticism from coaches and players, in some of the biggest games, the two household names continue to build on their deal.

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The 2016 season will feature an enhanced Surface Pro 4 to help tackle the rigors of an NFL sideline. One of the key upgrades is improved daylight readability. They will also have a longer battery life and a tougher yet slimmer case. Their new “whiteboard” feature will help coaches and players draw up plays more smoothly than before.

Teams will once again not be allowed to use video on the sidelines during regular season and playoff games. The NFL owners met this past spring and determined the use of video needs to be studied further before it can be used on the sidelines. The use of Surface Pro video technology is being tested during the preseason once again, and the owners will discuses its place in the game at their next quarterly meeting.

In addition, Microsoft introduced NFL team Type Covers, which are available for all 32 teams and for the Surface Pro 3 and 4. Players and coaches use these same covers, featuring an official team logo, on and off the field.

Additionally, Madden 2017 will be officially released on Aug. 23 and, just like in the real games, video game players will see their teams using the Surface Pro on the sidelines.