Nike doubles down on digital commitment with Run Club app

Nike has been investing heavily in digital, and this new app will target runners around the globe.
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In early August, the highly publicized Nike+ app was released by the Swoosh, an attempt at streamlining content for consumers and giving brand enthusiasts news for athletic events, product deals and advice from professional athletes.

Through the app, users can also book reservations for brand events as well as one-on-one meetings with in-store experts and Nike+ Run Club live sessions.

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“This is a great time for Nike in the digital space,” Nike CDO Adam Sussman told Fortune at the time of the debut. “We are really coming out with innovative products that will connect to consumers in a seamless and simple way with a consistent experience across all of them.”

Earlier this week, Nike bolstered its commitment to digital by launching its new Nike+ Run Club app, a rebranded version of its Nike+ Running app; additionally, NRC will communicate with the Nike+ app.

“Through the new Nike+ Run Club app, we’re serving a running community that spans the globe with the most innovative and personalized experiences we’ve ever offered to runners,” Nikki Neuburger, vice president of Nike’s global running brand, said in a press release. “We’ve thoughtfully considered and updated how we surround runners with everything and everyone they need to reach their full potential and have more fun with the sport, from coaching plans that adapt to meet their needs, to inspiration, motivation and a community of million to run with.”

Nike+ Run Club users, who represent more than 250 countries, will now receive quicker real-time information on running time, distance and location along with motivational support and expert advice via Nike’s athletes and coaches.

With Apple expected to include a GPS-tracking component in its Apple Watch later this year, users will no longer have to physically carry their phone with them on a run; the Watch would now track a runner’s pace, distance, elevation, heart rate and location.

Nike continues to tout giving runners a more complete digital and fitness experience, with the Nike+ Run Club app being another example of just that.

“Digital enables us to better serve our consumers across our business,” Nike brand president Trevor Edwards told Business Wire a few weeks ago, “and we will continue to invest in our digital portfolio of services and connect with athletes anytime, anywhere.”