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Cristiano Ronaldo's new selfie app will benefit 'Save the Children'

Cristiano Ronaldo's new selfie app will donate a portion of its proceeds to the 'Save the Children' charity.

There’s not many sporting fans in the world right now that would pass up an opportunity to take a selfie with Cristiano Ronaldo. Now, that is possible for anyone with the introduction of the Real Madrid superstar’s brand new smartphone app, CR7 Selfie.

The app is downloadable for $1.99 on iOS and Android devices and allows users to take selfies with Ronaldo in a range of different poses, and then share them on social media with friends and family.

Ten years ago, the word “selfie” hadn’t even been invented yet, and now we are seeing it used in business to promote a brand and raise money for charity. An incentive to download the app is the fact that a portion of the worldwide proceeds will be going to ‘Save the Children’, a charity that focuses on giving children the best possible start to life.

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“I am thrilled to launch this app to engage with my fans in a new way,” said Ronaldo. “From the very beginning, I knew that I wanted this app to support a charitable cause I believe in. I have been involved with Save the Children for several years now and knew they were the best partner for this app. As a father and Global Artist Ambassador for Save the Children, I am committed to working towards giving all children a better and brighter future. I invite everyone to be a fan with a cause, so be sure to download the app, take a selfie with me anytime, anywhere and everywhere – and at the same time help kids in need!”

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There are 68 different ‘Ronaldo’s’ to choose from inside the app, ranging from karaoke to Ronaldo to Golden Boot Ronaldo. The app will also be consistently updating itself with new photos from events that unfold with time, ensuring the app provides users with fresh images.

With over 230 million followers on social media, Cristiano Ronaldo is truly making the most of his brand by promoting the ‘Save the Children’ charity. While social media provided the platform, his new CR7 Selfie app will be the delivery tool that will not only raise funds, but increase a monumental amount of awareness for the charity.