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SI Media Podcast: Featuring Andy Roddick, current Periscoper and former tennis pro

On this episode of the SI Media Podcast, host Richard Deitsch speaks with Andy Roddick, former professional tennis player and current Periscoper during the U.S. Open.

Episode 75 of the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast features Andy Roddick, the former professional tennis player who worked for Fox Sports 1 as a sports broadcaster and is now hosting a series of broadcasts on Periscope for this year’s U.S. Open tournament in New York

In this episode, Roddick discusses why he chose to become a sports broadcasting generalist as opposed to a tennis specialist when he retired from the sport; what he learned about sports television while working for Fox Sports; what he specifically looks for when he watches tennis on television; why he thinks Periscope is an effective medium; his thoughts on how Serena Williams has been covered by both the tennis and general media, and what perceptions of her are incorrect (Roddick has known her since they were both teenagers); his view of the media when he was a player and how he approached press conferences; whether he considered himself a challenging interview; what it’s like working for the BBC as a broadcaster; what it’s like to have a spouse who has been on more Sports Illustrated covers than he has; and much more.

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