A new wearable back device for muscle warm-up & recovery

It's the latest warm-up and recovery product from HyperIce, which has investors and spokesman such as Lindsey Vonn and Blake Griffin.
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HyperIce unveiled on Wednesday a digitally connected wearable back device that is designed for athlete warm-up and recovery. The new technology, called Venom, uses both heat and vibration to aid in loosening and relaxing sore muscles and joints.

According to HyperIce founder Anthony Katz, since the launch of the company’s ice compression technology in 2012, athletes and consumers have been requesting a similar product in heat form. The answer was Venom, allowing users to select a preferred temperature via touchscreen while also picking from one of three different vibration settings.

“With Venom, we have answered their requests and also implemented vibration into the product, which makes it even more effective,” Katz said in a statement. “We feel it’s a product that speaks to the needs of the everyday person with back pain as well as elite athletes.”

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Since its founding in 2010, HyperIce has released a variety of similar recovery tools including the Vyper, a multipurpose device that uses a combination of pressure and vibration to loosen up muscles and increase circulation. Last October, it also launched a soft tissue ball called Hypersphere, which helps the body stay loose to improve overall performance.

HyperIce counts a handful of athletes as shareholders and brand ambassadors, including Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin, American alpine ski racer Lindsey Vonn and Arizona Cardinals defensive back Patrick Peterson, who recently discussed his relationship with HyperIce and how he decides what companies to align with.

“I can always rely on HyperIce’s recovery technology to help keep my body in top shape,” Peterson said in a statement. “Football puts a lot of wear and tear on my muscles, especially those in my lower back. Venom is perfect for targeting that pain through vibration and adds the necessary heat to soothe my muscles. It’s now an essential part of my recovery regimen and keeps me playing at my highest performance level.”

The Venom product costs $225 and is available for pre-order on the HyperIce website. It will begin shipping in November.