Apple TV caters to sports fans with Siri live tune-in, Twitter integration

Apple TV caters to sports fans with Siri live tune-in, Twitter integration.
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Apple unveiled new features on Apple TV on Thursday that are designed to enhance the experience of sports fans.

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Using Siri, fans can use their voices to take them directly to live events within the app on Apple TV that is live streaming the game. Siri can provide live scores and up-to-the-minute stats along with listings and details of games upon a simple request such as, “Which football games are on right now?” Ask to “Watch the Louisville game,” and the game might be found in the WatchESPN app.

Viewers can also now go to live video by saying the name of the app without having to navigate to the live stream from within that app.

For Twitter, which is snapping up streaming rights to sports content, that would mean activating the month-old app on Apple TV that integrates the feed for tweet commentary to go along with the live broadcast.

It’s similar to the Twitter timeline alongside the computer screen, but the larger screen brings the live video and commentary to life.

Twitter’s Ryan Troy demonstrated how the timeline could react to what was happening on the live NFL Thursday Night Football stream.

For more videos from the Apple event, you can check out Lance Ulanoff's timeline.