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Stephon Marbury releases shoes that light up with iPhone app, flash to beat of music

Stephon Marbury releases shoes that light up with iPhone app, flash to beat of music.

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Former NBA player Stephon Marbury, who now plays in China, has released Starbury Elite sneakers with soles that light up at the touch of an iPhone app and flash as they detect the beats to music.

“It took me a lot of time and a lot of work,” Marbury said in a video of the seven months spent to complete the project. “We put the work in. We did everything that we needed to do for the technology before we brought it to America so that everyone would be able to use their phone to control the lights and play music.”

The iPhone app was developed by Shenzhen-based Heaton, and it can be paired with the Starbury Elite shoes via Bluetooth. The app has controls that can switch the lights on and off and change the color. The microphone enables music from a user’s library and also voice to control how the lights flash.

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Marbury is offering a pair of shoes for $49.98 and in a series of tweets emphasized how they needed to be affordable.

“Could easily charge 300 for these but wouldn’t disrespect humans,” he wrote.

“It was time for someone to really give the people something different that’s dope and affordable.

“Shoes don’t cost that much to make as you see I’m producing shoes with technology. Jordan has been robbing the hood way to long.”