NBA League Pass's Mobile View could come to television

NBA commissioner Adam Silver said the NBA could offer Movile View on different platforms in the future.
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NEW YORK — NBA commissioner Adam Silver on Tuesday laid out his vision for a possible future viewing option for fans of the league.

This NBA season has seen the introduction of NBA Mobile View, enabling NBA LEAGUE PASS viewers on their mobile phones and tablets to have the option of watching games with a zoomed-in, tighter shot of the action. But what if that option was made available on television? Silver indicated there was plenty of real estate on a larger screen for a zoomed-in view plus all the information an NBA fan would need.

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“What’s interesting is that we’ve experimented a little,” Silver said of NBA Mobile View at the SVG Summit. “It may be that given the quality of HD and these big screens, people may want to see that same sort of angle actually on a large screen now and not just on a small screen, but then add on top of that other fields that they can make available with these large screens. And I think those are fields of data, unique approaches to the game, I think there’s of course daily fantasy, then just flat-out sports betting.”

Silver himself is a regular viewer of games using a number of different ways to follow the action.

“I marvel at the quality now of high-definition streaming,” Silver said. “I watch an enormous amount of our games on my phone, on my tablet. Of course I watch LEAGUE PASS. I watch seemingly on every kind of device, and I think it’s a golden age in sports broadcasting. The quality has never been better.”