Lions DB Glover Quin invests in healthcare app PeerWell

Quin and retired NFL running back Arian Foster collaborated with the startup on an app that helps patients before and after surgeries.
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Glover Quin is a durable safety for the Lions. Heading into Saturday’s playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks, he’s made 116 consecutive starts through the grind of an eight-year NFL career that comes with injuries, bumps and bruises.

Quin has also taken the time to invest in PeerWell, and it was announced Thursday that he and retired NFL running back Arian Foster collaborated and partnered with the healthcare technology startup to develop the latest part of its mobile platform that helps patients through surgery.

PeerWell’s ReHab platform will be available this month to help patients manage pain, identify post-operative red flags, learn how to perform daily tasks safely, and get optimal nutrition for healing. Quin and Foster emphasized the importance of movement, leading PeerWell to build technology in the platform that allows patients to track their range of motion using their smartphones alone without cameras or extra devices.

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“Our ability to track complex motion straight from the smartphone will do for rehab what the integration of the camera into the phone did for photography,” PeerWell CEO Manish Shah said in a statement.

PeerWell’s automated PreHab-to-ReHab solution can help patients recover faster from various surgeries.

“I see a lot of opportunities,” Quin wrote in an email of investing in tech. “But what excited me about technology is that it is always changing how the world works. With PeerWell, we are bringing out technology to help everyone that struggles with healthcare and it is amazing to see that we can help so many people. I think the team at PeerWell is just getting started with what technology can do to transform how people are treated.”

Quin himself used PeerWell’s mobile PreHab technology this off-season to prepare for ankle surgery from which he would ultimately recover in time for training camp. ReHab is an extension of the platform that assists in recovery after operations, and it will first roll out for patients undergoing joint replacement surgery for the hip or knee.

“PeerWell is helping patients deal with the surgery, something I’m very familiar with,” Quin wrote. “They helped me understand what I can do to prepare myself, mentally and physically, to make sure the surgery goes well. Now, with ReHab, they are helping patients on both sides of the surgery, preparation and recovery.”

While NFL players have access to top medical care and training equipment, PeerWell helps provide the everyday patient with another tool that has them completing daily checklists on mobile. 

“First, I look for a strong team because you cannot win unless you work with great people,” Quin wrote of what he looks for in companies for investment. “Second, I look for companies that impacting things that I care about and that interest me. Based on these points alone, investing in PeerWell was an easy decision.”