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Kevin Durant creates YouTube channel to show 'different side'

Kevin Durant has created his own YouTube channel to give fans an inside look at his life off the court.

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Kevin Durant has created his own YouTube channel, telling fans he wants to show them a “different side.” In his recent welcome video, the Golden State Warriors small forward and eight-time NBA All-Star is seen hanging out at home, showing off his car collection, getting a haircut and going behind-the-scenes at Warriors’games.

“I look forward to bringing you some cool content. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it and have some fun with me,” Durant said.

During his first live stream on the channel, which nearly has 40,000 subscribers as of this writing, the former University of Texas standout is seen at his home in the Bay area.

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“I’m so excited because I got off social media. I got off the Instagram, Twitter, all that stuff, just to distance myself a bit. But somebody talked me into getting on the YouTube,” Durant said. “Here I am. Expect a lot more out of me, expect some reviews after games.” 

The camera panned to “Chef Ryan” as he explained how he was cooking some power balls for Durant. After some Wi-Fi connection difficulties, viewers also caught a glimpse of the beautiful view from Durant’s patio and balcony and his dog entering the live stream mid-way through, even relieving himself as Durant walked down to his basketball court.

“Look for more content, look for more ‘live’, especially throughout the playoffs. We want to take you on a journey with us. Hopefully it’s a long one,” said Durant as he closed out the live stream, which currently has over 180,000 views.