WFAN's Mike Francesa Sticking To Original Departure Plan

The plan for Mike Francesa to depart WFAN on Dec. 15 remains in place.
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There will be no extended stay for the Sports Pope of New York.

Mike Francesa announced on Tuesday that the plan for him to wrap up his 30-year career at WFAN on Dec. 15 will remain intact.

After the station's morning host, Craig Carton, was arrested for his alleged involvement in a Ponzi scheme a couple of weeks ago, Francesa said he would not "turn his back" on WFAN while it was in flux.

However, Francesa revealed that after meeting with station management, they are sticking with Friday, Dec. 15 for his last show, saying the date is, "completely official."

The FAN, New York's iconic all-sports radio station, now has to find a partner for remaining morning host, Boomer Esisason, as well as a replacement for the very popular Francesa, who airs weekdays from 1 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.