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What game is Tony Romo calling for CBS?

Former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will call his first Dallas Cowboys game. 

One of the biggest sports broadcasting stories of the NFL season will be the development of CBS broadcaster Tony Romo. 

The former Cowboys quarterback made his regular-season broadcasting debut on Sept. 10 at 1:00 p.m. for the Raiders-Titans game in Nashville. On Nov. 5, Romo will call his first Dallas Cowboys game, as the team takes on the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday afternoon. 

“Hopefully he doesn’t call out and guess too many of our plays,” current Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott told the Dallas Morning News. “He’ll still be very familiar with them. Hopefully he can stay away from that this week.”

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Paired with Jim Nantz and Tracy Wolfson, ​Romo will also call the following games during the first month of the season, according to CBS:

Week 2 - Patriots vs. Saints
Week 3 - Bengals vs. Packers
Week 4 - Bears vs. Packers (Thursday night)
Week 4 - Raiders vs. Broncos

“This is not an easy job,” said CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus. “Tony coming out of the box is not going to be great. He is a work in progress. But we think he will be good enough to warrant the No. 1 analyst job.”