Traina Thoughts: Dave Chappelle's New "8:46" Special Talks About George Floyd, LeBron

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Netflix dropped a surprise Dave Chappelle special titled "8:46" in which he speaks about the killing of George Floyd as well as LeBron James and the "shut up and dribble" comments.

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Robin Lundberg: Netflix surprised dropped a new Dave Chappelle set on YouTube entitled "8:46", of course, in reference to the amount of time that the officer--who has since been charged with second degree murder--was on George Floyd's neck. For more, I'm joined now by our media columnist, Jimmy Traina. Now, Jimmy, in this special, Dave Chappelle also talks about LeBron James. And you and I have both made the points about LeBron as a player and away from the court. But I think Chapelle put it in the way only he can. 

Jimmy Traina:  Yeah. He brought up the Laura Ingraham shut up and dribble comments and how absurd and offensive and ridiculous those were in reference to LeBron, who has done an enormous amount of good off the court. But what got me about it? You know, people watching this special thinking it's a stand up comedy show are gonna be disappointed. It's not. The laughs a few and far between. It's more of a serious show than a comedy show. But he dropped a good line about LeBron coming back to Ohio, winning a title and then leaving to go back to go to L.A. And Chappelle said, like, you know, even everyone in Ohio is like, you know, who can blame them for leaving Ohio for L.A.? So it was one of the funnier moments of this special was the reference to LeBron.

Robin Lundberg:  I mean, comedians in many ways, there are modern day philosophers right. There's probably nobody better equipped to speak at this very moment in that forum than Dave Chappelle. 

Jimmy Traina:  I don't know about that. But I'm just saying, you know, there is there is there is an interesting thing. You know, there's this whole anti-celebrity thing which Dave gets into, but he's a celebrity speaking out. So there is this weird juxtaposition there. 

Robin Lundberg:  All right. Well, we can, you know, maybe have a different point of view on who exactly. I don't mean speaking out. But I like to hear. 

Jimmy Traina: Everyone should speak out. It doesn't matter what your profession is. Everyone should be speaking out right now. That's the bottom line. 

Robin Lundberg: Good speaking to you, Jimmy, as always. 

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