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Watch: Vin Scully Brings Out Fernando Valenzuela and Steve Yeager to Throw Out First Pitch

Vin Scully started off Game 2 of the World Series in a way only he could.

The Dodgers pulled out all the stops for the first pitch of Game 2 of the World Series Wednesday.

It was supposed to be a chance for legendary broadcaster Vin Scully to throw out the ceremonial pitch for the team he broadcasted games for for 67 years, but that wasn't good enough.

So, Scully did what only Scully could do, and instead made it an opportunity for a few other Dodgers legends to get some shine and enjoy the warm welcome from the Los Angeles fans.

As Scully teased the crowd pretending to get ready to throw the pitch, he asked to get a catcher. Naturally 1981 World Series MVP Steve Yeager came out to answer his request. Then, as Scully readied to toss the ball to Yeager, he said he tore his rotator cuff, and needed a pitcher to do the job for him. And of course this was a time for the 1981 NL Rookie of the Year and Cy Young winner Fernando Valenzuela to come on out.

It was an amazing moment that brought together 92 years worth of Dodgers history.