Plan in the Works for a Gondola That Would Take Fans to Dodger Stadium

The proposed system is projected to be up and running for Opening Day 2022.
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A company being backed by former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt has proposed for a gondola system to be constructed that would help make travel easier for fans trying to get to Dodger Stadium, according to Laura Nelson of the Los Angeles Times.

The company proposing the system was founded by McCourt's son Drew and the gondola could be ready to go in time for Opening Day 2022, according to the Times.

The gondola system would not be funded by taxpayers and will not be built by Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro), according to the Times. It would also provide a second mass-transit option for fans to go along with the Metro express bus that goes down Sunset Boulevard.

The line running to Dodger Stadium would take passengers above the 110 Freeway and go to the Dodger Stadium parking lot, which Frank McCourt retained half interest in after selling the team in 2011.

There are still parts of the system that need to be addressed, including securing all of the land and air rights necessary to construct the system.

The Times adds that a price for the system has not been decided, but it is expected to be less than it cost to park at Dodgers Stadium.