It Turns Out the Chicken Really Didn’t Make Brandon Nimmo Sick

It was actually just a stomach virus. 
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Mets outfielder Brandon Nimmo has been vindicated. The chicken he cooked himself on Tuesday night did not make him sick. 

When Nimmo was absent from workouts on Wednesday, Mets manager Mickey Callaway blamed food poisoning brought on by a homecooked meal

“I guess he cooked some chicken and didn't know how to cook or something,” Callaway told reporters.

Nimmo was good-natured when addressing the incident with the media on Thursday, and insisted that he had properly cooked the chicken. He said he was even so proud of his meal that he sent a photo of it to his wife. Despite Nimmo’s insistence that he hadn’t given himself salmonella, his wife Chelsea was among the mass of people who wasn’t buying it. 

But hold on just a second! Chelsea provided an update on Friday morning that cleared her husband of any wrongdoing. 

Update your list of Mets embarrassments accordingly.