Mike Trout Is Getting Paid (More Than Bryce Harper) And The Internet is Loving It

So much for Harper recruiting Trout to Philly.
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The Angels are reportedly finalizing a 12-year deal, $430+ million extension for center fielder Mike Trout–meaning that the 27-year-old star will be making an astounding $38.5 million a year on average. 

Trout's deal is the largest contract in professional sports history and breaks the record just set in early March by Bryce Harper, who inked a 10-year, $330 million deal with the Phillies. Harper had been vocal about his desire to recruit Trout to Philadelphia when he became a free agent in two years, but the Angels' extension locked the seven-time All-Star up and stunned the sports world in the process. 

When news of the deal broke, Harper went from being the talk of the town to the brunt of all of the internet's jokes in about a two week span as people everywhere reacted to Trout's extension. But hey, no publicity is bad publicity, right?

We hope Harper had a nice few weeks atop the highest-paid players chart.