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Alex Rodriguez Listens to Bon Jovi and Journey on His Awesome Private Jet

Ten plush seats, a bed, delectable seafood and other snacks. We all could live on A-Rod's private jet.

Alex Rodriguez lives a pretty sweet life. The former MLB star retired as the highest-earning player in league history by banking over $480 million during his 22-year career. He's since married global entertainment icon Jennifer López and became a member ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball broadcast team.

A pretty good life, right?

Well, Rodriguez' duties require him to do a lot of traveling. But, luckily, thanks to his lucrative baseball career, he's able to do so in style.

Here's an excerpt from Sports Illustrated's Ben Reiter's cover story on Rodriguez detailing his life in the air:

"Rodriguez spends 500 hours a year on his Gulfstream IVSP—nearly three full weeks in the air, which you might too if you had the scratch to buy one. It’s outfitted with 10 plush seats and a bed, as well as endless healthy snacks arrayed next to a single white orchid, WiFi, delicious shrimp cocktail and salmon filets served on green-rimmed Limoges china, and a smooth sound system that plays Rodriguez’s favorite bands, like Bon Jovi and Journey. “Ash!” he shouts out to an assistant, upon boarding. “Coldplay!”

There's a lot to break down here.

First, there's A-Rod's private jet, the Gulfstream IVSP, which costs between $1,995,000 and $4,295,000, according to The site listed 56 jets being advertised for sale.

So, there's the cool plane. Awesome! But add 10 plush couches and all of that fancy food, and you're truly living. Factor in the WiFi and you are living like a true king, or future Hall of Famer, in this case.

Last, but certainly not least, is Rodriguez' music.

Rodriguez is 43, so it makes sense that the groups responsible for hits like "Don't Stop Believin'" (Journey, 1981) and "Livin' on a Prayer" (Bon Jovi, 1986) are among his favorites. His intrigue with Coldplay—the rock-alt group that formed in the late '90s and grew to international fame in the 2000s—may just add one's dislike or love of the former Yankee. Regardless, you can do just about whatever you want when you are Alex Rodriguez.