Pitchers in the Chinese Professional Baseball League might be onto something.

During the All-Star Game this past weekend, two of the players who took the mound decided to show just how fun baseball can be when people aren't more concerned about unwritten rules than enjoying themselves during a game.

First was Mitch Lively, who was just trying to play a little trick to start the second inning by hiding the ball and acting like he didn't know where it could have disappeared to.

That hit didn't count as the umpire had no clue what was going on. And, cause you definitely can't deliver a pitch like that.

Later on, in the contest that pitted members of the CPBL against the Taiwanese national team, Chen Yu-Hsun decided to photograph his moment on the mound and upload the picture to Facebook.

Like, in the middle of the game. He uploaded a photo to Facebook while on the mound in the middle of a baseball game.

Phones in the dugout is one thing, but this is clearly next level.

This is what it means to let the kids play.

This and more bat flips. We definitely are still lacking in the bat flip department in MLB.