World Series Predictions: Who's Going to Win It All Between the Astros and Nationals?

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The World Series is finally here. The ten-team field has whittled down to just the Astros and Nationals, a Fall Classic that will end in D.C.'s first title or Houston's second in three years. There's no escaping that the Astros are heavy favorites, as reflected by SI's staff picks below. But a jolt to the baseball world might be coming very soon. Here we go.

Tom Verducci: Astros over Nationals (seven games)

In a series with great starting pitching, Houston has the hottest one and the home field advantage, which played well for the Astros in the ALCS. The games will swing on two-strike counts. Both teams have epic two-strike fighters at the plate and pitchers with hellacious two-strike pitches on the mound (Cole's fastball, Verlander's slider, Strasburg's changeup, Corbin's slider, Scherzer's you-name-it.) This is a series of incredible diligence.

World Series MVP: Gerrit Cole

Stephanie Apstein: Astros over Nationals (five games)

The Astros with a lined-up rotation and a day off are just too dangerous, even for Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg.

World Series MVP: Alex Bregman

Emma Baccellieri: Astros over Nationals (seven games)

Sure, the Astros are statistically the better team—just as they have been compared to every other opponent that they've played all season. But the Nationals' rotation, particularly when it's as well-rested as it is now, is still perfectly capable of keeping them in it for a few games.

World Series MVP: George Springer

Connor Grossman: Astros over Nationals (seven games)

The unanimity here means the Nationals are winning it all, right? As much as I don't want to overlook the underdog, the Astros are too talented in too many facets of the game. In a coin-flip Game 7, Houston is the pick.Yet Washington remains only four wins from shocking the baseball world...

World Series Co-MVPs: Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole

Matt Martell: Astros over Nationals (seven games)

This is going to feel a lot like the 2017 thriller that brought Houston its first World Series title: Great starting pitching stifling the lineups through the first six innings, late home runs off the bullpens, two or three extra-inning games, Jose Altuve being awesome, etc. In the end, Houston wins it, with Zack Greinke beating Patrick Corbin in Game 7.

World Series MVP: Jose Altuve

Michael Shapiro: Astros over Nationals (five games)

The Nationals boast an impressive rotation, but Carlos Correa said it best: the Astros are baseball's apex predator. There's little chance surviving this lineup, especially Houston's dynamic top four. Houston has its rotation set and home-field advantage, to boot. Early appearances from the Nationals' bullpen could give us a gentleman's sweep. 

World Series MVP: Alex Bregman