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Twitch Star Colludes With Diamondbacks to Follow Roommate's Date at Chase Field

Like any good friend, Connor Buckley simply wanted to know how his roommate's date at the Diamondbacks game was going. So, he reached out to the Diamondbacks on Twitter to track down the couple and update him, thus beginning a Saturday night covert operation at Chase Field.

Buckley, a former NAIA soccer player at Menlo College, is better known by his Twitch handle "BuckArmy," where he has amassed 184,000 followers for his FIFA video game streams. But with a confirmed crowd of more than 15,000 spectators, the roommate, also a Twitch streamer by the name of MboneHD, proved difficult to find.

But Buckley didn't give up. The former Colorado Rapids FIFA eSports member offered more specific coordinates down the third baseline until the D-backs staff returned with the good news. 

The team then provided the update that everyone had been waiting for.

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The team took a step further by becoming a bona fide wingman, providing two game-used baseballs to the couple while broadcasting them on the jumbotron.

One day later, there was still just one question remaining: Will there be another date? The D-backs social team knew their mission wasn't done, so they did what any great digital-age sleuth would do—they slid into Mbone's DMs and asked.

Mission accomplished.

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