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Rampage returns ... to UFC 87


MINNEAPOLIS -- Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson -- recently the subject of a police chase in California -- re-emerged in the public eye on Thursday, of all places, at the pre-fight press conference for UFC 87 in Minneapolis.

Though not delving too deep into his legal situation, both Jackson and Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White addressed the media and a throng of fans that gathered for the press conference at the Rotunda at the Mall of America.

"Rampage lost the fight to Forrest Griffin. He hung out in Vegas for a week. He was hanging out by the pool and he was fasting. He wasn't drinking; he wasn't eating. He was drinking energy drinks," explained White.

"You saw what happened on TV, the problems that he had," he continued. "They took him in for psychiatric evaluation for over 72 hours. What they came back with was that there was nothing wrong with him mentally; it was physically.

"He was exhausted. He had severe dehydration. And that caused something called delirium.

According to the Mayo Clinic, "delirium is a decline in attention, awareness and mental clarity often triggered by serious illness. The signs of delirium may include restlessness, agitation and combativeness."

Researchers, again according to the May Clinic, have not determined an exact cause of delirium, but it is often triggered by "a combination of changes or stresses... For example, a new medication, sleep deprivation or a change in environment may cause delirium when the body is already acutely stressed by blood loss, dehydration, infection or heart attack."

As White mentioned, in line with the Mayo Clinic's possible triggers for delirium, Jackson was apparently sleep deprived, fasting, and by drinking energy drinks instead of water, he was effectively dehydrating his body.

"Apparently they tell us he's over it now," White stated of Jackson's delirium episode. "He is healthy mentally and physically. He will be back in the UFC soon."

Jackson agreed, saying, "I'm already training, so my next opponent better watch out.

"But that was the worst mistake I ever made, I got Dana over my back all the time. 'Did you eat? Did you sleep? Drink your water?' It's like I'm two years old, but it's all good," he continued. "I love Dana man. He's the first one to really take care of me and show me love."

Despite the pair's assertions that Jackson will be back in the UFC, seemingly sooner rather than later, White admitted Jackson still has a road to go down before he'll be able to return to the Octagon.

While leading police on a chase, Jackson allegedly hit a 2007 Cadillac Escalade driven by 38-year-old Holly Griggs, who happened to be pregnant at the time, according to the Daily Pilot newspaper in Newport Beach. About a week later, Griggs suffered a miscarriage, losing her baby.

Officials have not yet filed charges against Jackson.

"Yah, he's got some legal issues, definitely," stated the UFC president. "The first thing we were worried about was that Rampage was OK physically, mentally ... he's okay. Obviously, with what happened, he's got some legal issues he's got to deal with now. Definitely."