'Blood Brothers': Shamrock vs. Shamrock to go down in 2009

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The final chapter in the Shamrock family feud will be written next year as FrankShamrock confirmed to MMAWeekly Radio that the fight between he and his estranged brother, Ken, will indeed take place in March or April 2009.

The fight has been dubbed "Blood Brothers" for some time now, but speculation has run rampant for the past few months if the bout would actually take place. Frank says it's signed, sealed and will be delivered.

"We are definitely going to see it happen; it's a done deal," Shamrock said of the fight. "I've just got to get his old ass into the cage now. Now he's so old he can't even get in the cage.

"We finally got it done and we're looking forward to March or April for kicking it off, try to get him a wheel chair so he can get himself into that cage next time."

With the negotiation to put the two brothers in a cage together over with, now Frank is focusing on which promotion will put the fight on and right now it appears EliteXC is the front runner, but others could join the show.

"Currently I don't," Shamrock said about what organization would promote the show. "We've got a real good relationship with Elite and Showtime and CBS, so I've got a feeling it's going to be those guys and I'm going to see if I can drag Affliction aboard here."

Of course with EliteXC comes the possibility of working with Showtime or CBS, but Shamrock feels the fight between he and his brother calls for a pay-per-view broadcast.

"I think if any fight ever were a pay-per-view match, this is the one," he commented. "I really feel like network television and cable television can really support this pay-per-view by showing other media properties that kind of tell the story of this sport and tell the story of the Shamrock family. That's my real focus right now, get these other networks to kind of drive some stories to help boost this fight."

One idea that Shamrock is working on to help promote the show is a documentary style show, similar to HBO's popular "24/7" series, to help build the fight and tell the story of two brothers who will battle in out in the cage.

"I'm looking further than Showtime; I'm looking at primetime television," Shamrock said about where the documentary would air. "Imagine if the Klitschko brothers fought? There's rarely ever been two brothers who've been superstars in a sport, champions in a sport, in the same time period, and more over there's never been an opportunity for those two brothers to fight.

"I just think that an overall story can accomplish and bring everybody involved in the real meat of the story, which is the history of the sport, things that have happened with the family, with each other."

Shamrock is also hopeful to close a deal that will put the fight on in San Jose, Calif., but nothing has been negotiated for an arena yet.

As for Ken Shamrock, following a debacle that saw him removed from the main event of the recent Elite XC/CBS show against Kimbo Slice, a matchup against his brother Frank could be exactly the kind of huge show to put his name back on the map while putting on a historic event pitting brother against brother.