Faber wants rematch in January

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Facing only the second defeat of his professional career, former World Extreme Cagefighting featherweight champion Urijah Faber is hoping for a return in January, but also wants an immediate rematch with new titleholder Mike Brown.

Faber's manager Mike Roberts of MMA Inc. says that his fighter is hoping for a second chance to reclaim the title that he defended successfully numerous times during his reign.

"He wants to get right back in there and he wants a rematch right away and he feels he deserves it," Roberts told MMAWeekly Radio recently about Faber's choice of fights.

Just days after the loss, Faber was already back in the gym working out and preparing for his next challenge, whether it's Mike Brown or another contender.

"Urijah wants to fight in January," Roberts stated. "We're still trying to sort out who he's going to fight, if he is in fact going to get a rematch with Mike Brown or if he's going to have to fight Leonard Garcia or Jose Aldo to get it. If it's up to Urijah he would love to fight Mike Brown in January."

Regardless of his opponent the WEC has the final call, but if Faber gets his wish he will be getting another chance at Mike Brown and the 145-pound title.

"Ultimately, the WEC's going to decide that," Roberts commented about Faber's next opponent. "If the opportunity for a rematch comes, Urijah would be willing to wait until March to get it. Urijah's made no bones to me about it. He said, 'I want a rematch.' He said, 'He beat me fair and square, no excuses,' but he does not like not having that belt."

Faber has been traveling and training since the bout ended, but will hit the gym and prepare for whatever challenge lies ahead.

MMAWeekly.com has since confirmed with independent sources that Faber will be fighting at WEC 38 on Jan. 25 in San Diego. He won't get an immediate crack at Brown, however, due to torn rib cartilage that Brown suffered in the bout with Faber.