Torres signs with UFC

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People make do with the cards they have been dealt with; some rise above the rest. Ronys Torres has endured humble beginnings to become one of the best lightweight prospects out of Brazil today.

Torres had dreams of becoming a fighter as a young man. Despite opposition from his parents, he pursued his goals. He began studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in his home city of Manacapuru in the state of Amazonas.

When Torres made the decision to further his grappling discipline, he made the difficult decision to move to Rio de Janeiro to study at Nova Uniao; Torres left his family behind. His family was very important to him, but his personal sacrifice allowed him to hone his skills and develop into the fighter he is today. Under the tutelage of Nova Uniao leader Andre Pederneiras, Torres earned a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and quickly emerged as one of the best talents out of team.

Torres' aggressive ground and pound style has helped the 23-year-old fighter amass an impressive 13-1 record. His strength lies in his excellent cardio and his ability to shoot in and take his opponents down. Versed on his feet and on the ground, Torres is well-rounded and will prove to be a formidable challenger to any lightweight fighter in the world.

Torres is coming off the biggest win of his career, an impressive submission victory over Pride veteran Luiz Azeredo at Jungle Fight 10. The Nova Uniao fighter was a big underdog to his Chute Boxe counterpart, but Torres overcame the odds dominated the fight from start to finish.

There is a lot of fighting opportunities for Torres in Brazil, but none that will garner him the high profile matches he can attain in the U.S. Ronys Torres recently signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

"Ronys is a great fighter. He will rock at 155-pounds and is a great addition. He will have many great fights," commented fellow teammate and UFC fighter Thales Leites.

Torres has worked hard to be where he is today and his journey is just beginning. Expect the Nova Uniao fighter to make his Octagon debut sometime next year.

Name: Ronys Torres Professional Record: 13-1 Height: 5-fee-7Weight: 155 pounds Discipline: Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo Notable Wins: Luiz Azeredo, Adriano Martins