Junie wins, apologizes to coaches

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The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 official bad boy, Junie Browning, returned to action on Saturday night with an impressive win over former teammate DaveKaplan by submission early in the second round of their matchup.

Almost immediately into the first round, Browning's training with Xtreme Couture coach Shawn Tompkins was evident, as he looked very strong with his stand-up attack, peppering Kaplan with punches and kicks.

Browning says that while he still trains with his old camp, it was understanding that fighting is a full time commitment that brought him to Xtreme Couture.

"I still train at home back at Four Seasons, but I just feel like I've been there so long and stuff, I don't get the same look, everyone's getting so good. I had to get up here (to Vegas) where everybody does it for a living," Browning commented after the fight.

The Kentucky native did a great job of keeping Kaplan off balance for the duration of the fight, never letting him gain any kind of real momentum.

In the second round, Browning got Kaplan to the mat and it wasn't long before he was transitioning to an armbar that forced the tap out, giving the "Lunatic" his first official win in the UFC.

While The Ultimate Fighter reality show has been a springboard for many great fighters, Browning has become synonymous with the frat-type antics displayed on the show. He is never one for staying out of trouble while the cameras were rolling.

"It wasn't all planned. It was just more the fact that I didn't let the cameras dictate the way I was going to act," Browning said about his behavior on the show. "Somebody messed with me, I just snapped. If I'm going to get pissed, I might as well make it entertaining."

Taking the show as a learning lesson, Browning has obviously grown up since the filming finished. He even offered an apology to former coach, Frank Mir, who has been openly critical of his former student on the show in recent weeks.

"I gave (Frank) Mir a hard time on the show. I just want to apologize to everybody, everyone watching and stuff," said Browning. "Mir was actually an awesome coach. It was more my fault. I don't think I would have put up with myself either. I apologize to Mir and the rest of Mir's team, they were awesome coaches."