Silva's manager says Bisping bout a 'no-go'

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Despite multiple reports to the contrary, Wanderlei Silva will not be fighting Michael Bisping at UFC 105 in November, says Silva's manager Rob Cardenas.

"A fight between Wanderlei Silva and Michael Bisping in November at UFC 105 has not been discussed by and between Wanderlei and the UFC. Certainly, there have been no formal proposals, or discussions relative to this match-up," Cardenas told Thursday afternoon. "Of course, there is speculation that such a fight will occur, and certainly there remains a possibility of such a match-up, however, at this time, rumors of the fight occurring at UFC 105, are simply that: rumors."

Reports of the match-up surfaced Thursday morning, stating that Silva was soon to complete a deal to take on the winner of "The Ultimate Fighter" season three.

Cardenas said the fight's timing was contrary to Silva's wishes.

"Wanderlei and his coach, Raphael Alejarra, have both expressed a preference that Wanderlei wait until February for his next match. However, if at some point in time, such a fight is proposed by the UFC, it will be given the appropriate consideration, as do all proposals, and a decision will be made at that time," continued Cardenas.

"In fact in a recent interview that we just completed, he'd like to fight Dan Henderson next, which he understands isn't going to happen for a while because Dan is fighting Rich Franklin."

Silva last appeared at UFC 93, where he lost a unanimous decision to Franklin. In post-fight interviews, Silva felt he had won the fight and requested an eventual rematch.

Cardenas did not pinpoint any names for Silva's desired return in February.