July 27, 2009

When talking about dominant fighters in MMA, and more specifically the UFC, look no further than UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre. Since making his Octagon debut against Karo Parisyan at UFC 46, G.S.P. has evolved to a level most fighters only dream of.

Having avenged all his former losses and now owning the belt, St. Pierre is fighting for a legacy, fighting to become the very best fighter in MMA today. He has recently dominated top contenders like Jon Fitch, B.J. Penn and Thiago Alves.

The question at this point is who is left to challenge the champ?

When looking at the fighters left in the welterweight division, Mike Swick and Martin Kampmann will fight at UFC 103 to determine who St. Pierre fights next. Will any two of these guys be able to take the title away from G.S.P.? I doubt it.

Fitch expressed his interest in a rematch, but having a loss at UFC 87, what can he seriously bring new to the table this time?

To build a legacy that will forever be remembered and to be considered the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, you have to test yourself. What better way for G.S.P. to do that than to move up to the middleweight division?

Fighters like Penn, Randy Couture and Anderson Silva test their skills by going up or down in weight. Maybe it's St. Pierre's time to do that.

Whether he will decide to do that or not is still a mystery. With his training partner Nate Marquardt close to another title fight, G.S.P. may decide not to make the move for now. If Nate loses to Demian Maia at UFC 102, the path could be clear for Georges to make the move.

With this in mind, here is a short list of three fighters who would beat Georges St. Pierre if he ever decided to move up to the middleweight division.

Demian Maia has proved to be the most dangerous Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter in the UFC and possibly in MMA.

Lately, St. Pierre has had the tendency of getting through fights by laying over his opponents. This may not be the best way to entertain a crowd, but it is effective to get the win.

The problem with this tactic against Maia is that he will probably be able to lock in a submission within those three rounds. Maia is active and effective when a fight gets to the ground. He won eight of his 10 fights by submission and earned "submission of the night" on four of his five UFC fights.

Georges is a tough guy to submit, but to think that anybody can last three rounds on the mat against Maia is pretty hard.

Out of the three names listed here, Dan Henderson may be the one with the best skills to beat G.S.P. I say that because Henderson's strengths are G.S.P.'s strengths, only more superior.

Henderson fought at light-heavyweight, making him a pretty big guy for Georges to deal with. Henderson has probably the best wrestling skills in the UFC today and considering that he is stronger than St. Pierre, his wrestling is even more important. In the striking department, Henderson has shown to have knockout power, something G.S.P. has yet to prove.

I just think Hendo would outmatch Georges in every aspect of the fight.

The UFC middleweight champion "The Spider" Silva has dominated his division and made competition look easy. The fact that he can fight at light-heavyweight makes Silva another big guy for St. Pierre to deal with.

Georges is a better wrestler than Anderson, and being a tough guy to submit, Anderson could possibly not be able to make St. Pierre tap out.

To think that Georges St. Pierre can take Silva down and keep him there for the whole fight is unlikely. Silva is very scrappy from the bottom as shown in his fight against Travis Lutter and even Henderson could not do damage to Silva from the top position.

Georges is a very aggressive fighter, a thing that has been the downfall of most of Silva's victims. Silva's god-like striking skills would most likely put G.S.P. to sleep within time limit of the fight.

Will Georges St. Pierre make the move and fight at middleweight to further his status as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world? Or, will he sit comfortably atop the welterweight throne where he knows he's the best?

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