UFC 160 Live Blog: Cain Velasquez vs. Bigfoot Silva 2

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Cain Velasquez (12-1) made the first successful defense of his UFC heavyweight title, stopping Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva in just 1:21.

Cain Velasquez (12-1) made the first successful defense of his UFC heavyweight title, stopping Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva in just 1:21.

SI.com's live play-by-play of UFC 160: Velasquez vs. Big Foot 2 from the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas. Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald was in the house. Monster MMA fan. Also trains. Lil Jon was also in the house, yucking it up with Royce Gracie. Only at the UFC.

Cain Velasquez vs. Antonio Silva for the UFC Heavyweight Championship

11:54 p.m. -- And we move into our main event intros. That last fight will be hard to top. We're about 10-15 minutes out from the main event's opening bell. Lights out and Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva starts his walk from the bowels of the MGM Grand and into the arena. Cain Velasquez vs. Antonio Silva for the UFC Heavyweight Championship!

Midnight: -- My prefunctory Bigfoot story. Working out at the fighter hotel gym one wiegh-in morning, Bigfoot and team are doing the weight cut. Bigfoot in his plastics, suffering to get off those 10 pounds of water weight he needs to make 265. Sauna. Eliptical. Sauna again. Bigfoot must walk around at 300 pounds. No joke.

12:02 a.m. -- Silva says a little prayer at the Octagon door, points to the big man above, and takes his corner.

12:03 a.m. -- The champ is here. Mariachi music echoes in the background. Velasquez enters with that same determined look he wears 24-7. Focus personified. Can Silva let go of the beating he took from Velasquez 364 days ago? Or are we in for a repeat? Silva's kryptonite is getting put on his back. Velasquez is very good at that. Goldie says Vel landed 111 significant strikes and 11 TDs in their first meeting. Yikes. Bruce Buffering with our intros. Mario Yamasaki is our referee. Silva introduced and booed. Velasquez getting all the love. Velsaquez looks a lil smaller and softer to me. Hmm. Here we go.

Round 1: Velasquez-Silva -- Silva takes center. Velasquez immediately goes for single-leg and is rebuffed. Back to center. Velasquez with a shoot and Silva easily stuffs it again. Velasquez with a hard right low kick that Silva answers with a right. Silva with an uppercut, and runs into Velasquez's right. Silva falls forward to his knees. Velasquez swarms and ref steps in. Silva is up to his feet immediately protesting. Replays shows left to a right straight downed Bigfoot. Bigfoot came in with the uppercut right in front of Velasquez. Official: Velasquez def. Bigfoot Silva - TKO (Punches) 1:21 R1

This one will be argued as an early stoppage. I'm OK with it. (My colleague, Jeff Wagenheim, will attend the interviews and write a postfight column that you can read on SI.com tonight or tomorrow morning if you're headed off to bed.) Silva was taking a lot of shots at end. Silva walked right into Velasquez' fist as he went for the uppercut. Velasquez saw it coming. A man of few words, Velasquez tells Rogan he'd be down to meet JDS again. And the heavyweight championship revolving door swings again.

That's it for us and UFC 160. See you on June 15 for UFC 161. Hendo-Evans. Nelson-Miocic. Til then...

Junior Dos Santos vs. Mark Hunt (heavyweight)

11:10 p.m. -- We have a replay on the PPV telecast of an earlier prelim here, folks. Former WEC champ Brian Bowles vs. George Roop. Get your refreshments topped off now. If this bout goes the distance, we're looking at a possible midnight start (ET) for the main event.

11:20 p.m.: -- Dana White and Ronda Rousey do a PSA on the wonders of Las Vegas. Rousey gets into the Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef aquariam. Sharks flee. My goodness. Goldie and Rogan go into our co-main intros. Mark Hunt is an anomaly - a PRIDE relic who's managed to have a resurgence. Power puncher only. Never learned the rest of the game. If JDS wants a much easier fight, he takes this one down. But that's not JDS's style. JDS rebounding from his title loss to Velasquez. Really big lesson for the Brazilian, who went into the fight with personal problems and issues with his camp. Hunt enters, flabby and fierce. Four-fight win streak. Hunts steps into Octagon and the crowd cheers. Sentimental fave at this point. Hunt has no sponsors, by the way, at least none I can see. Came in shirtless and wearing bare UFC trunks. When's the last time a UFC fighter didn't look like a NASCAR vehicle?

11:24 p.m. --JDS emerges from back, Rocky theme in background. Nike Cigano T-shirt, mean mug, JSD knows he has to deliver tonight. Needless to say, this could be a strikefest. The only X-factor is Hunt's granite chin. Very hard to put down. But JDS is the better boxer, better footwork and head movement. Let's see how this plays out. Bruce Buffer does his thing. Hunt looks like he wants to take a head off tonight. JDS mirrors him back. Our referee is Steve Mazzagatti. Crowd is finally fired up. Let's do this.

Round 1: Dos Santos-Hunt -- Hunt takes center. Hunt with low kick that lands well. Some measuring up and Hunt lands a left hook. JDS stumbles slightly. Hunt has some power. JDS isn't finding his timing. Hunt senses it and moves in. JDS gets off fence and lands an overhand right BOMB. Hunt goes down, but is miraculously allowed to recover and rise quickly. These two are winding up. JDS didn't pounce on that big opportunity. Let Hunt get up. Both these guys can take out the other. That is obvious. JDS with another overhand right that Hunt ducks away from. 1:40 to go. Hunt charges in and JDS circles out. JDS trying to land a body shot to set up the overhand again. A pattern starting to emerge with JDS there. Hunt with left and spinning backfist that misses. JDS lands counter hook as Hunt clears out of pocket. JDS back to center and another big overhand. Hunt stays on his feet this time, but that had to hurt. Bell. JDS is up 10-9, but this is a tense battle. Both men winding up for the power shot, ready to fire at any moment. Replay of knockdown shows JDS' overhand clipped Hunt behind the head. Those shots are so hard to recover from.

Round 2: JDS starting to throw combos with some heat. Right kick-left hook. Hunt's stamina starting to show itself. Hunt with a high kick he loses balance on. JDS is stern. Looking for that KO. Hunt with a jab, jab, body shot. Nice. JDS with right. Left jab. JDS starting to land frequently. JDS with left jab moving backward away from charging Hunt. Hunt getting sloppy. JDS spinning kick to body. Hunt traps JDS on fence for a second, JDS circles out. We're getting into a firefight. Hunt turning it up on fence, nearly catches JDS. Back to center, JDS takes Hunt down and crowd boos. Come on, folks. JDS to half. Smart move to go TD. He'll takes this round on that. No action on ground yet, until JDS passes to side and then mounted crucifix. Couple shots from JDS and Hunt fights to his feet. JDS lands again just at the bell, finishing strong. JDS 20-18.

What a great fight. Mark Hunt is a great challenge for JDS. He's really making him work for it.

Round 3: Touch of gloves and both take center canvas. Hunt looks exhausted, but he throws a left and the right haymaker. JDS totally avoids it. Hunt bleeding from nose. Takes a JDS jab. Jab working well for JDS at this point. Hunt just misses with a right counter. Hunt with a messy kick that's nothing but air. JDS jab, jab. Land. Land. JDS has slowed down slightly, but he's still the more nimble fighter. Hunt keeps trying to trap JDS on the fence, but JDS is thinking tonight. JDS with huge right swing that misses. Hunt is hunting JDS. Hunt with right swing that misses. JDS with uppercut. Seconds later, a huge left hook that sends Hunt staggering. One minute to go. JDS with spinning back fan kick that grazes Hunt, but he goes down like a KO and the ref jumps in. It's over. Hunt must have gotten clipped on the back of his head. Wobbly legs as he tries to stand. Replay of spinning kick shows the graze to Hunt's head. JDS had this fight, but now he gets the finish. Great fight for JDS. Hunt is a tough cookie. Official: Dos Santos def. Hunt - KO (Kick) 4:18 R3

JDS tells Rogan he bided his time for big shots. Dangerous opponent. Replay of JDS' back wheel kick is gorgeous. JDS tells Rogan it's the first time he has thrown the kick in a fight.

Glover Teixeira vs. James Te Huna (lightweight)

10:55 p.m.: -- Like I said in my picks on SI.com, this is a holdover fight for Texeira while Zuffa clears up the garbage that was Jones-Sonnen at the top of the division. New Zealander Te Huna has faced much easier opposition than Texeira, so a win here is a definite upset and a HUGE setback for Texeira, who is on the cusp of a title shot. Te Huna enters to "Give Me Some Lovin'." I doubt Texeira will oblige. Texeira gets a nice pop from the crowd. Beating Rampage Jackson will do that for you. Zuffa really wants to build him up fast to get him in front of champion Jones. He needs to steamroll Te Huna tonight. Steamroll him. Both men have entered the Octagon. Mr. Buffer is clearing his throat. Our referee is Herb Dean.

Round 1: Texeira vs. Te Huna: Te Huna comes out swinging. Texiera grabs a single leg, then switches back to standing and nails Te Huna with a right that back him up.Te Huna has come to play. They start to trade, but Tex has the power. Tex with his first TD. Right to half guard. Te Huna having some trouble tying up Tex, who passes back to half. Tex posts on one leg, Te Huna gets up, but Tex gets the arm-in guillotine in transition, drops to back and gets the tapout. Texiera gets the mauling expected of him. Mike Tyson runs to Tex's side and gives him congratulations. Didn't realize he was such a big Texeira fan. Official: Texeira def. Te Huna - Submission (Guillotine) 2:36 R1.

Texeira is over the moon that Mike Tyson has hugged him. I think he's happier about that than the win. Texeira tells Rogan he doesn't like to pull guard, that Liddell taught him not to a long time ago. But it worked out for him tonight.

Gray Maynard vs. TJ Grant (lightweight)

10:41 p.m. -- Canadian Grant enters to some classic Whitesnake. Maynard enters second. Looks serious as always. Grant is a talent who hasn't found his stride till just recently. Maynard's been out 11 months from a knee injury. His last win was a split decision over Clay Guida. Remember that stinker? Maynard has "Crazy" Bob Cook and Javi Mendez in his corner. AKA move last year.

Round 1: Maynard vs. Grant -- Exchanges start and it's automatic that Maynard has the power tonight. A left-right looks painful, but Grant keeps egging him on. Probably not a good idea. Grant lands a great counter right. He's in this thing. Grant with another right that backs up Maynard. Grant nails Maynard with a right and he goes down. Maynard up, more punches from Grant, and Maynard crumbles on fence. Brutal, electric finish. WOW. Grant gave Maynard no room, swarmed him with punches, knee. Just annilhilated him in the end. Well, Grant has finally arrived. Official: Grant def. Maynard TKO (Strikes) 2:07.

Grant says he practiced his combos for eight weeks, studied Maynard closely. Grant says his ears were ringing after two of Maynard's punches at start. Grant calls out champ Bendo Henderson. Biggest fight of Grant's career, says Rogan. Not hyperbole for once.

Mike Goldberg plugging the Fertittas' new online poker biz with some dude who's banked $18 million. They can thank TJ Grant for that time to plug.

Donald Cerrone vs. KJ Noons (lightweight)

10:10 p.m. -- Cerrone is looking to rebound from a flukey fallout bout against Anthony Pettis four months ago. If his head is on right tonight, he should be able to handle the more one-dimensional Noons.

10:12 p.m.-- Noons enters first, Cerrone enters to Kid Rock's "I'm A Cowboy" (Baby). Mr. Buffer with the intros. Our referee is Mario Yamasaki. Here we go:

Round 1: Cerrone-Noons -- Exchange of kicks, Cerrone shoots, Noons stuffs, but Cerrone push-kicks him back asthey separate. Back to center. Both finding their timing, both landing a punch here, a high kick there. Both are looking confident in the striking dept. tonight. Occasional exchanges, until Cerrone lands first TD, but Noons pops back up quickly. Both are letting this one play out in the pocket, but it's at a tempered pace. Cerrone lands knee, which Noons absorbs and keeps going. Small trickle of blood from Noons' right cheek. Cerrone with a big left-right, right high kick. Most impressive combo, so far. Pushes Noons back. We finish R1 there. Cerrone takes this round 10-9.

Coach Jackson says Cerrone's owning this in corner.

Round 2: Cerrone with immediate TD. Noons trying to spin out, gets to his feet and back into his world of standup. Back to center, single punch exchanges. Cerrone is starting to land fluidly. Combos are coming together. Cerrone's repeating a left hook that's getting through every time. Noons is being Noons. Staying in pocket, trying to trade punch for punch. Noons slowing considerably. Face is swelling. Cerrone is on tonight, working his angles. Getting in and out with his punches. Noons with spinning backfirst, Noons with flying knee attempt, Cerrone catches and takes him down. Cerrone into half guard. Cerrone starts hammerfisting, elbows. Noons is tired. Not doing much to defend. Cerrone still working over Noons, whose face is fully bloodied. 30 seconds to go. Noons makes it to the bell, but he's spent. Cerrone up 20-18

Noons nose is probably broken. Tells his cornerman to get blood out. Cornerman says it's out, which means Noons can't breathe. Noons has cleaned up, smiling as they head into R3. This guy loves the scrap.

Round 3: Exchanges of punches, kicks from both. Mixing it up in small bursts. Noons is now fighting on his trademark pride. Starts chasing Cerrone, who promptly takes Noons down. Cerrone in Noons' guard. Body-head-elbow. With 3 min to go, Noons tries to backdoor out, but Cerrone pulls him down. Noons is bloody, squinting. Cerrone landing elbows freely. Noons can't grab Cerrone's arms. Too slippery at this point. Noons with an elbow from bottom, but he's holding on rest of time. He can't protect Cerrone's elbows. Cerrone takes half guard when Noons attempts to get up. Noons is proned now. It's been a very bloody night, so far. This bout only adds to the massacre that is the canvas. Cerrone in side control, punching away. One-sided fight now. And the bell give Noons his first reprieve. Cerrone made it look pretty easy tonight. Cerrone should take this 30-27 easy. Official: Cerrone def. Noons - Unanimous Decision (30-27 all)

Cerrone tells Rogan he's been working with a sports psychologist. Says his grandma called him today and told him a lot of guys want to be him. Does he want to be him tonight? Cerrone said, "Yeah, grandma."